Working at Language Tree

Staff and students at Language Tree
Staff and students at Language Tree

Students cycling at Lanhydrock

What is it like to work as an EFL Teacher and Activity Leader at Language Tree?

After working with Language Tree for the last two summers, my perception of English summer schools has completely flipped.

I used to think of uncontrollable groups of students, boring ‘cultural’ trips and super strict timetables. Now, I associate them with adventure, laughter, friendships and even sun!

The way that Language Tree summer schools are planned mean that our students have useful and interactive English language lessons in the morning followed by afternoon excursions all around Cornwall – allowing them to have the perfect balance of education and holiday! 

So being a student at summer school sounds amazing, but what is it like to work at one?

For the last two years, I have been the Senior Teacher and Activity Leader at Language Tree’s summer school. 

For the most part, my main responsibilities were to make sure our students were working well and understanding in class, staying safe and feeling happy, and most of all, having heaps of fun!

Due to the detailed and cleverly planned schedule of the summer school, my job as activity leader was not as daunting as it might sound.

Essentially, I was in charge of informing students of different details and plans whilst out on the excursions, keeping hold of any tickets, registers and other important necessities, and trying our best to keep to timings!

Having fun in the classroom at Language Tree

My job was definitely made easier with the help of my colleagues, who were all so encouraging, helpful and supportive. The amazing and friendly staff at the school are one of the major highlights of the programme!

Language Tree staff enjoying a pasty

Another great thing about Language Tree’s summer school is the diversity of nationalities.

We welcome students from all over the world to come and study with us and it is fantastic to see such a variety of individuals bonding and experiencing new things together, as well as forming great friendships. I have been extremely lucky to have taught some incredible and inspiring groups of people since working at Language Tree which makes it effortless to build rapport and respect with students.

If I haven’t already convinced you, the best thing about the summer school at Language Tree is being given the opportunity to explore and discover Cornwall. I have lived in Cornwall for the majority of my life, and in the last two years working for the school, I have visited so many places that I had never been to before, as well as doing many sporting activities for the first time in my life, all whilst ‘working’. You can’t help but feel proud and very appreciative when you are being told by countless students just how lucky you are to live in such a beautiful place.

School group enjoying a leavers' supper at the Singing Rooster in Penzance
Summer school students relaxing at Treyarnon beach

The excursions, which are a key part of the programme, allow students (and teachers) to see stunning coastal landscapes together with important cultural and historical landmarks whilst continually using and practicing their English to interact with guides, the public and of course, other students.

What more could you want from an immersive language holiday?

Kynance Cove at low tide

On a professional level, the opportunities that I have been given at Language Tree to extend and develop my skills have been great.

Working at the school has been my first face-to-face teaching position since graduating from university and in the short time I have been here my confidence in my teaching ability has increased, I’ve taught students of so many varying levels, completed an additional grammar course and prepared students for prestigious English exams. The experience I have gained from this job has been invaluable and I feel I will always have a tie to Language Tree.

So, if you’re an English teacher looking to work at a fantastic, friendly and innovative school, look no further than Language Tree!

Summer School at Kernow Adventure Park

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