Sunset Chasing in West Cornwall

Sunset at Godrevy beach

Sunset Chasing in West Cornwall:

A Coastal Odyssey from Portreath to Hayle

Watching the evening ebb on Gwithian beach

Portreath: Our Starting Point

At 3:30pm, a tranquil ambiance sets the stage for our captivating journey along the stunning Cornish coastline. The goal: a 12-mile walk from Portreath to Hayle, a quest designed to reach its crescendo with the sun’s descent at 8pm. As late August and September paint the horizon, this coastal odyssey guarantees an intimate rendezvous with the ever-shifting sea. Moreover, it offers an opportunity to indulge in a seafood feast or a hearty pub roast in Hayle, as twilight gradually claims the day.

Our expedition embarks from Portreath, a charming harbour village where the cries of seagulls intertwine with the inviting scent of the ocean. Following a path that winds along the cliff tops, the rhythm of crashing waves accompanies our steps. For a change of scenery, you can even begin your journey on the beach itself, starting from the carpark and ascending to the clifftop on the left-hand side of the beach. Here, the unmistakable South West Coast Path acorn signs guide you towards the North Cliffs, protected by the National Trust.

Portreath Beach
Gooden Heane Cove

En route to the North Cliffs, a captivating array of wildlife captures your attention.

Continuing onward you’ll encounter one of Cornwall’s most dramatic coastal marvels – Hells Mouth.

North Cliff Waymarker
Basset Cove
Basset's Cove

As you move ahead from Hells Mouth, Godrevy Lighthouse emerges on the horizon. Keep watch for seals, as this location is among their cherished haunts in the county. In fact, treat Godrevy Point as your next milestone. It stands as a scenic wonder amid the coastal trail.

Porth Kidney Sands

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Happy Hiking!

– Megan, from Language Tree

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